Science Jr. & Science Lab

Children explore all sorts of science thorough story adventures! Each new class leads little scientists on adventures filled with super heroes, dinosaurs, space aliens, and more. Intermingled into the story are 3-4 different experiments or science related activities that introduce important science concepts in a fun, creative way. Our Science Jr. class creatively incorporates concepts of chemistry, biology, and more!

Scientists 7-13 explore various biology, chemistry, geology, zoology, and more! During t he science fun kids record their unique data through a variety of ways like building charts and graphs, making science movies, picture books and more!

Play-botics Jr. & Play-botics

Play-botics Jr. is perfect for little ones , 3-6 who love to explore! While going on storybook adventures about inventors, jungle animals, and fairy tale classics little ones explore early engineering construction concepts. Creative activities put a playful spin on engineering concepts that are sure to ignite your little engineers curiosity for robots, building, and making things move.

For school-aged students, the Play-botics Lab allows students to construct their very own robots, program them, and add sensors to solve programming puzzles, and problem solve through challenges. Kids explore building pulleys, gear combination, hydraulics, sensors and more! As class progresses, students are introduced to a variety of different types of robots, additional coding, programming software, and more!

Techno Jr. & Techno Lab​​

Little ones embark on a journey with each lesson as they become computer detectives! A story leads them to places like keyboard castle, file farm, and cyber-space. Computer detectives work on their very own laptop to solve the case while learning technology concepts. keyboarding, and more!

For children ages 7-13, Techno Lab teaches a variety of programs such as Movie Maker, Powerpoint, and Publisher, while introduced to new software programs. Every film needs special effects! Students also explore a wide range of robotics characters, electronic effects, and science scenery.