5:00 Ukulele

Kindermusik is the leading early childhood education music and movement program for newborns to 7 years of age  developmentally designed to physically, mentally, and emotionally nourish your child. The Woodlands Academy of Music's Kindermusik program was the first established in the Houston Region and Top Recognized Kindermusik Program for over 30 years.

Our extended class times and sessions allow children to retain more information; while the use of physical instruments aid children with learning music in our digital age. Join the leading age-appropriate music and movement classes WORLD-WIDE with an award-winning, established program.

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9:30 Our Time

Children experience rapid and important emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. Research shows music benefits many aspects of a child's developing mind including: language skills, confidence building, decision making, visual and tactile learning; in addition to learning cultural awareness and improved academic performance. 

Our goal is to equip and motivate each student to be successful in music and develop a lifelong love of the arts; whether students enjoy music as a hobby or are preparing to major at a university level. The Woodlands Enrichment Center has several different music programs to choose from that encompass students of all ages and levels. ​In addition, TWEC hosts master classes, theater workshops, and performances year - round.​​ 


   11:00 Platoon

11:00 Cadets

  5:00 Cadets


  9:30  Imagine That!

10:30 Our Time

​  5:00  Young Child

Musik Troop is a specially designed preparatory program for students ages 5 - 10 years that focuses on one-on-one lesson readiness and more. Written and developed by, Director, Caleb Ackerman, Musik Troop uses a group approach; pairing students with state-of-the-art instruments. ​

There a total of 40+ Musik Troop classes year - round, beginning August 1 - June 30. Each class is 55 minutes in length and includes 10 minutes of sharing time with parents or caretakers*. Materials and enrollment fee are additional and due upon enrollment. Classes fill fast - grab your young musician and get to the troop.


August 13, 2018 - May 31, 2019


   5:00 Cadets


  9:30  Sing & Play

10:30  Our Time

​  4:00  Imagine That!

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Private Lessons

The Woodlands Enrichment Center offers one-on-one instruction for students in piano, voice, guitar or bass, cello, violin and trombone beginning at age 6. As part of our commitment to education - each of our instructors have earned a degree in music or education and are experienced in their field, as well as belong to professional music organizations. TWEC's private studios are equipped with the latest technology and music theory software; TWEC also houses a state-of-the-art digital piano lab. 

Preparing and performing for auditions, recitals, and other performance events provides musicians with goals and challenges while developing their talents. Students have numerous performance opportunities throughout the academic year and summer with required and optional events . TWEC hosts two formal recitals annually and several casual music shares throughout the year. 

Tuition rates include: 30 or 60 minute lesson accompanied with an optional theory lab, annual lesson materials, and summer camp enrollment. Private lessons are contracted on a yearly basis. Lessons are taught year-round from August 1 - July 31. Major holidays are observed. Tuition may be paid monthly, per semester, or annually.